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St. Patrick's Senior National School, Corduff, Dublin 15


12th Jan 2023

Living Things

Ms. Mulderrig/Ms. O'Shaughnessy and Ms. McGowan's classes have been taking part in the Incredible Edibles programme. They have planted strawberries, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, chives, carrots and turnips

Energy and Forces

4th Class investigated how magnets "push and pull" each other. They made predictions about which materials are and then tested their predictions. They also built obstacle courses for their magnets cars


Mr. Galvin's 6th class investigated how they could use paper to build stable structures. They used the same set of books to test each structure so that the results would be fair.

Environmental Awareness and Care

Rang na Réalta and Rang na Gréine have gone on several nature walks this year. They have observed the different plants and wildlife they see at different times of the year. They also investigated the animals that live in other climates and discussed why we cannot find them in Ireland.

Seashore Safari

In November Mr. Brady's and Ms. Gill's 4th classes took a trip to Donabate Beach with Mona, a marine biologist. They explored the different areas of the shore and discovered lots of different sea creatures!

Science Week 2022

This year we had lots of exciting activities during Science Week! Some of our highlights include: Mr. D. O'Flynn's class learning all about a scientist's job and then researching some famous scientists. Mr. Brady's and Ms. Gill's classes becoming outdoor explorers, Ms. Farrell's class making some fantastic Lego creations, and Ms. Mulderrig's class investigating "Why does bread rise?"