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St. Patrick's Senior National School, Corduff, Dublin 15


29th Mar 2022

Active Maths

This year our school ran Active Maths Activities in our outdoor classroom and school hall. There were a series of maths games, problem solving challenges, and some hands on learning activities for capacity.

Problem Solving - How Tall is the Big Tree?

Some of the children in Mr. Brady’s 5th class decided to find out the height of “The Big Tree” in the school car park. They made their own clinometers and using their knowledge of triangles set about measuring the height of the tree. They calculated a height of 17.6m

Weekly Maths Challenge

Each week there is a maths challenge in Miss. Gill's room. Children can attempt the problem at any point during the week and submit their solutions. Over the weeks we have seen some fantastic problem solving and really creative thinking!